Saturday, September 17, 2011

A card forgotten

I had made this card a while ago and did not remember it until my son-in-law emailed the picture a few days ago (Thanks Mark!).  Sometimes I make cards for my family and, of course, its a last minute requirement!  Luckily, I have cards already made but sometimes they need a specific style or colour - so, here I am, personalizing the card with a special person in mind.  I just adore the ribbon used here with the tiny pearls (yes, pearls are my best friend!).
Thats why, most or all of my cards are 'one of a kind' - I never use a sketch - its all in my head!  Sometimes I drft into space figuring out the colours or visualize a card to make!!  Its daydreaming in colour.

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Anonymous said...

Simple and elegant. Very pretty