Thursday, August 12, 2010

Its a new day! Its my first post!

Beautiful cake designed by my sis-in-law
The reveal. Shocked.
It was a milestone birthday for me yesterday, although my family surprised me with a huge party on July 31st.  I was really shocked, but happy to see all those smiling faces that seem to say 'gotcha' even the ones I did not know at the restaurant!  It was a very happy night for me and it seems to have continued until yesterday.  My little baby grand-daughter (4 months) was the best gift ever and was at the party too.

So, here I am with my first post .... I was never one to keep a diary but since reading all the interesting information around, thought it's time.


Anonymous said...

Haha.. Mom, we got you good!! You'll never live it down!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

I am so proud of you! Blogging, web site, skyping (you are a cool granny, but can you text message?

Luv Sevie.

FloralElegance said...

Now thats a surprise Sev...didn't expect a comment from you. I am not good with the cell ... sometimes I don't recognize my own cell ring, leave alone text messaging! Thks Sev.

shirani ibrahim said...

neat work and so it very and those cards are so lovely